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TOSS Housing is always looking for new rental homes or apartments for their expats.

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    Securely rent your house to expats

    Expat rental brings you, as a landlord, a lot of security. No wonder expats are often seen as the ideal tenant!

    Why expat rental?

    Expats are people who temporarily stay in the Netherlands for work. They are mostly highly educated employees who stay abroad for a fixed period of time. Often their employers are international/multinational companies. In most cases, this employer guarantees timely payment of the rent and compliance with the contract.

    Do you want to rent out your house or apartment to expats? TOSS Housing is a specialist in expat rentals and yearly guides dozens of expats for a short or long stay in the Netherlands. Being also a payroll company, TOSS has expats on their payroll as well. For these clients we always on the lookout for new rental homes or apartments.

    1. Register with TOSS

    Contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities and get started right away.

    2. You get a single point of contact

    With your contact person at TOSS, you arrange all matters surrounding the rental of your property.

    3. We find you a reliable tenant

    We use a strict screening process so you know people are moving into your home with all good intentions.

    4. Sign the rental agreement

    After this it is official. Your property has been leased.

    You receive the deposit

    The new tenant of your property pays the deposit.

    6. The tenant moves into your property

    Be completely unburdened
    and let TOSS manage your property

    Do you also want to be completely unburdened during the rental period? Then choose to have your home(s) managed via TOSS Housing. Because property management is a specialism in itself, we have established various partnerships with a local and experienced parties.